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History of Speed River Bicycle

Speed River Bicycle was founded in 1992 by Cosmo Carere, a Guelph local who was passionate about sharing his love of cycling with the rest of the city. The original store and shop was directly behind (and under) our current location facing out onto Woolwich St. This location was the start of Speed River Bicycle and was everything that you would imagine an early 90's bike shop to be as you can see ... 

As time went on our current location (which was right above the original) became available and we moved the store to a bigger and brighter space that fronted onto downtown Guelph's major road, Wyndham St. 

This gave the stores customers easy access to convenient parking in the Baker St. and Wyndham St. parking lots. This also provided the shop with more room to grow and an opportunity to expand our service department. As you can see ... that was essential!


Years have passed but some things have remained the same. Since its inception Speed River Bicycle has been devoted to providing a trusted, professional service department and the best customer service possible. 

We firmly believe cycling leads to stronger & healthier communities. This is why the employees and owners of Speed River don`t just ride bikes, we live life as devoted cyclists.  We ride to work, to the grocery store and to the trails. Our bicycles are tools for recreation, fitness and utility. Our bicycles are a way that we can have fun doing everyday things.

We carry the products that we do, and we recommend the products that we carry, because we use them each and every day. With well over 70 years of experience in the bike industry we walk the walk and talk the talk. 


Speed River Bicycle, 135 Wyndham St. N., Guelph, ON N1H 4E9, 519-824-9371
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