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Level 3 Bicycle Fit - $300

Level 3 Bicycle Fit - $300

This is the most detailed fit offered and lasts 2.5 to 3.5 hours. It includes:

  • detailed interview
  • advanced physical assessment 
    • includes detailed flexibility, mobility & strength assessment. 
    • includes detailed foot assessment
  • pressure mapping technology
  • motion capture technology
  • purely custom size cycle (where appropriate and necessary) 
  • 60 day satisfaction guarantee

It is recommended that you bring the following to your fitting:

  • bike & pedals
  • shoes & insoles
  • shorts & jersey 
    • tight fitting jersey preferable to loose fitting shirt
    • multiple pairs of shorts, especially if triathlete
  • small parts you currently own that you feel are important (new cleats, stems etc...) or have questions about

A bike fit is rarely a one time and you are done situation. The Advanced bike fit includes a satisfaction guarantee within 60 days of the initial fit. This means we will work with you until it works or we will refund the labor if you are unsatisfied*. 

The labor fee for the fitting is $300 and does not include small parts such as saddles, cleats, handlebars etc... 

To book an appointment or to request more information please email or head over to our Fitting Inquiries page.


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